Grandpa with Grandson in Garden

Grandpa with Grandson in Garden
Clip: 431530_1_1
Year Shot: 1960 (Estimated Year)
Audio: No
Video: Color
Tape Master: 1965
Original Film: 69-13
Location: North America
Timecode: 01:14:17 - 01:17:24

CUs Snail moving around. MS young boy in red shirt and blue jeans sitting on pavement in backyard looking up. CU fingers picking up snail and turning it over to look at underside. MS backyard bordered w/white picket fence, elderly man (grandpa) uses a shovel to dig in garden, boy (grandson) is seated on pavement looking at ground, a small dog lies next to the boy. GV boy and elderly man digging in garden. MS boy and dog. GV elderly man and boy working in garden. GV elderly man and boy digging in garden under fruit tree w/white blossoms. MS boy and elderly man in garden, boy frantically waves his arms in air as if swatting at a flying bug (bee?), boy calms down, he and grandpa bend down to look at flower. MS boy and grandpa bent over looking at flowers in garden. MS boy and grandpa removing dog from garden bed, grandpa points to bug on plant. MS as elderly man and boy follow bug as it flies away from garden.