Troops Patrol L.A.: Damage Heavy In Coast Riots

Troops Patrol L.A.: Damage Heavy In Coast Riots
Clip: 426738_1_1
Year Shot: 1965 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1739
Original Film: 038-066-01
Location: Los Angeles, California
Timecode: 00:06:42 - 00:09:19

Five days of rioting in a Negro section of Los Angeles have left behind scenes reminiscent of war-torn cities. More than a 100 square blocks were decimated by fire & by looters. Few buildings were left intact. As the National Guard moved in, 14,000 strong, fire damage alone is estimated at $200,000,000. No attempt has yet been made to arrive at the losses suffered in the hands of looters who stole everything from liquor to babies playpens. Approximately 3,600 arrests were made. Only the arrival of the National Guard brought about comparative calm to the devastated area. Watts riots. LS/TLS - burning stores & buildings in Watts, flames raging high & wide, black smoke filling the sky; day & night shots; Compton street corner sign in one shot, Los Angeles police watching fires burn in another shot; MS two white LAPD officers leading two handcuffed African-American men along street, past camera. TLS - National Guard patrolling streets, M-1 Garand rifles with affixed bayonets in hand. Tracking shots of smoldering, burned-down, destroyed businesses, stores, buildings in Watts, day; aftermath, extensive damage. Rear view LS National Guardsmen running down street. Nice tracking shot of private in the National Guard patrolling street with M-14A1 (M14A1) rifle with bipod attachment, passing rubble of ruined building, now essentially a vacant lot. Tracking shot ruined, burned-out businesses. Panning MS Sheriff squad car passing cam. MS LAPD officers getting off transport truck. TLS National Guardsmen behind barricade in street. MS LAPD officers talking at roadblock. Aerial shot of National Guard patrolling streets of Watts. Low angle TLS helicopter flying over, tilt down to patrol cars in parking lot.