Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962

Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962
Clip: 361882_1_1
Year Shot: 1962 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1704
Original Film: 035-091-01
Location: USA
Timecode: 00:12:31 - 00:15:19

In Memoriam : Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962 Death has come to one of the world's most extraordinary and beloved women. The career of Eleanor Roosevelt is traced through this photographic record of a woman who's interests were as wide and as varied as her travels. From the days of her husband's attack of polio through the days in the White House to her subsequent career as world humanitarian, Eleanor Roosevelt was a true citizen of the world. Eleanor Roosevelt posing with Roosevelt family. Fireside chat? Eleanor seen in room with FDR. Eleanor knitting. CU President Roosevelt smiling. President Hoover and Mrs. Hoover greeting the Roosevelt s at the White House. Hoover and Roosevelt seated in back seat of open convertible. WS Capitol dome. President Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt in parade route, inauguration day ? FDR and Mrs. Roosevelt waving to crowd. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt at Girl Scout event. Eleanor seen speaking to girl scouts. World war two, Eleanor visiting military base. CU woman holding up camera, to take picture. Eleanor Roosevelt walking into hut, followed by nurses. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt exiting train in England, greeted by King George and Queen Elizabeth. CU Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt wearing black straw hat with flowered trim. On the other side of the world, she was greeted by Prime Minister Nehru. Winston Churchill seen placing a wreath on the grave of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor stands near by. Mrs. Roosevelt greets group of children. CU portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt seated next to children on sofa.