Queen Welcomed: Elizabeth Gets Wild Acclaim In Nigeria

Queen Welcomed: Elizabeth Gets Wild Acclaim In Nigeria
Clip: 353884_1_1
Year Shot: 1956 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1616
Original Film: 029-011-06
Location: Nigeria
Timecode: 00:10:52 - 00:12:17

Nigeria greets Queen Elizabeth, making the first visit of a Reigning Sovereign to the hundred-year old African Colony, with wild acclaim. Loyal notables, decked out in their proudest regalia, welcome the visiting monarch with impressive pomp and ceremony, as great crowds cheer. Establishing shot - Streets of Nigeria with its colorful natives ready to greet the queen. CUS - Two Nigerian women walking in native dress. CUS - Native Nigerian man wearing a straw hat and a beaded necklace around his neck. CUS - Two Nigerian women. CUS - Four Nigerian men. MS - Nigerian military. MS - Queen Elizabeth disembarking from a plane. MS - Queen Elizabeth being greeted by the Governor General, Prince Philip walking into the shot. MS - Nigerian people. MS - Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in a car. MS - Throngs line the streets cheering the queen. MS - Royal car pulls up to a red carpet. MS - Native Nigerian officials greet the queen shaking her hand. MS - Throngs of Nigerian. MS - Nigerians officials shaking the hand of the queen and prince. CUS - A four year old Nigerian child presents the queen with a bouquet of flowers.