War Demo "A"

War Demo "A"
Clip: 318376_1_1
Year Shot: 1972 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: Color
Tape Master: 1882
Original Film: WPA 513
Location: Ohio
Timecode: 01:03:54 - 01:05:29

Good footage of a man being arrested for protesting the Vietnam War. Shot begins with a bearded man being escorted by police. The bearded man holds a large sign in front of him the reads "Stop The Slaughter-Out Now". The police lead the man to a paddy wagon and escort him inside. The footage continues with protesters marching down the street. The group has a large green banner that reads "Out Now-Stop The Bombing". They proceed down the street shouting "Join Us". The group is escorted by a police officer on a motorcycle. Interesting shot of the protesters moving through a crowd of students located on a college campus. As they pass, they vocally invite the students to join them. One man in a red sweater vest joins the group. Shot of students standing on a balcony pointing at and watching the action below. Shot of a street sign that reads "Public Square". There is a large federal building in the background. Shots of people gathered listening to someone speak (speaker can not be seen, only heard). The voice over the microphone states "....In our homes, this is a war that robs us of the ability to have life and freedom and decency." Different angle of people listening to speaker. In the foreground a man holds a red protest flag that is difficult to decipher because it is waving in the wind. It says something to the effect of "Stop This Imperialist War NOW". Shot of young woman with baby carrier and baby on her back. The baby sleeps while the mother passes out pamphlets to people sitting on the ground. More shots of people listening to speaker. This time you can see speaker standing on a platform. Interview with a young clean-cut Caucasian man. He talks about the immediacy of the demonstration. Clear shot of protesters with big green banner walking toward the camera. More shots of protesters with signs and chanting.