Spreading Communism

Spreading Communism
Clip: 312181_1_1
Year Shot: 1950 (Estimated Year)
Audio: No
Video: Color
Tape Master: 4
Original Film:
Location: USSR
Timecode: 04:04:35 - 04:09:22

Footage depicting spread of communism from 1924-1956. Static shots of the globe fixed on the USSR (in red) and slow gradual spread of communism with arrows and dates. Good for crude cold war, spread of communism, red scare depictions. Static shot of a globe, with the Soviet Union in red, "1924" emblazoned across it. Static shot of globe with the Union in red. The date 1924 appears over the map of the USSR. Gradually, little icons appear (I think these are actaully dates but the image is soft and overexposed- hard to decipher) indicating the spread of communism across Europe and China. The changes showing the spread are slow and separated by hot frames - so this was probably edited down later for a voice over accompaniment. Static shot of globe with red USSR and the date 1956 printed on it. This is better exposed than the previous two shots. Camera does an unsteady zoom in to the date 1956 and an insteady zoom out. Exposure changes slightly (lighter) and cam zooms in and out again - still a bit jerky.