Various Battle Scenes from WWI

Various Battle Scenes from WWI
Clip: 311189_1_1
Year Shot: 1910 (Estimated Year)
Audio: No
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1
Original Film: TQ001
Location: Europe
Timecode: 02:16:50 - 02:18:39

Master 1 - Tape 2 Somewhat random sequence of shots: Minefields exploding. Men in gas masks and in helmets, kneel by machine gun on tripod. Portable warfare, as they move it up to the front. Soldiers stand in trenches. Cannon fire shot and landed. People walking through towns. Soldiers firing from foxholes. Line of rifles from behind ditch. Bayonets. Large bombs exploding. Biplanes in the sky. Cannons pulsating, firing. Come CUs. Military truck with tarp over back drives through muddy roads, flanked by soldiers. Ground to air fighing--CU machine gunner as he shoots at the sky. Direct hit on dirigible/blimp/barrage balloon: Bursts into flames and falls. Lots of burning towns. Bombed-out villages. Group of soldiers with gas masks marches in a trench, holding their rifles over their shoulders. Bombs bursting in air, more firing from trenches. Soldiers run down railroad tracks. Group of soldiers run on a battlefield, smoke all around.