Rex Bell and Showgirl Auditions

Rex Bell and Showgirl Auditions
Clip: 524469_1_1
Year Shot: 1948 (Estimated Year)
Audio: No
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1832
Original Film: HFR-SFL-16-109
Location: United States
Timecode: 01:42:36 - 01:44:39

See catalog #524449 for similar footage. Master 1832 - Tape 1 TLS small group of pedestrians crossing the street. MS two attractive young women walking up to the "Golden Nugget" sign on the building facade. TLS three young women strolling. MS sign reading "Rex Bell's". TLS the three women being greeted by cowboy Rex Bell with wide cuffed jeans. MS Rex Bell talking to the women. CU Rex Bell. MS Rex talking to women. Nice TLS three attractive women lounging and chatting while dressed in bathing suits. CUs each of the women. MS two men conversing (director and choreographer). Several TLSs and CUs of young women parading for the men during a casual audition, great look at fashion and hair styles of the late 1940's. MSs of women chatting and showing off their clothing.