Neil Sedaka - "Calendar Girl"

Neil Sedaka - "Calendar Girl"
Clip: 513403_1_1
Year Shot: 1966 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: Color
Tape Master: 1942
Original Film: HFR-MIS-16-395
Location: United States
Country: United States
Timecode: 01:25:54 - 01:28:36

FOR FULL PERFORMANCE PLEASE CONTACT WPA. AUDIO IS NOT AVAILABLE. “Scopitone Presents Neil Sedaka singing Calendar Girl.” Neil Sedaka wearing tuxedo and bowtie, playing a white grand piano and singing. Sedaka stands, dances, colorful calendar backdrop in BG. Four calendar girls (young adult Caucasian women): Miss January wearing yellow showgirl costume; Miss February wearing Valentine’s Day costume, a white leotard with red hearts; Miss March wearing navy-blue top and pants with white designs; Miss April wearing large bunny ears and silver leotard with bunny tail. Sedaka dancing with calendar girls. Miss May wearing black and white dress. Miss June wearing blue and white dress. Miss July wearing red, white, and blue showgirl costume, holding a lit firecracker prop. Miss August wearing cheetah print showgirl costume. Calendar girls gather around Sedaka at piano; Neil Sedaka now wears turtleneck and blazer. Calendar girls dance. Neil Sedaka, now wearing suit and necktie, singing and playing red grand piano. Miss September wearing yellow dress, carrying a cake, white Christmas tree in BG. Miss October wearing a clown-like costume. Miss November wearing sleeveless top. Miss December wearing showgirl costume, breaks out of gift box. Calendar girls dance around Neil Sedaka while he sings and plays piano; Miss September dances on top. Neil Sedaka wearing tuxedo and bowtie, dancing with calendar girls.