Royal Tour Ends: Queen Home After Round World Trip

Royal Tour Ends: Queen Home After Round World Trip
Clip: 512798_1_1
Year Shot: 1954 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1599
Original Film: 027-570
Location: London
Timecode: 00:56:01 - 00:58:11

London's famed Tower Bridge welcomes the Royal Yacht Britannia as it goes up the Thames coming home from her Royal Trip. As Queen Elizabeth II sets foot on British soil accompanied by Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh. She is greet on West Minster Dock by the Royal Family. They haven't seen her for almost 6 months. Princess Ann skips along as her mother is welcomed by British Parliament. Establishing shot - Welcome home is on the Tower Bridge in England as the Royal Yacht Britannia sails down the Thames. CUS - A yacht bearing the banner "Southend on Sea Tenders Loyal Greetings". LS - The overview of the Thames and the Royal Yacht Britannia. MCUS - Queen Elizabeth disembarking from a smaller boat on to British soil. CUS - A young Prince Charles wearing Mary Jane shoes. MCUS - Winston Churchill shaking hands with the Queen. MCUS - Queen Mum and the young Royals. MCUS - Throngs of Royal Subjects greeting the Queen. MCUS - A Royal Parade. MCUS - The Royals in a carriage being pulled by horses.