Cold War Propaganda War in Berlin, Germany

Cold War Propaganda War in Berlin, Germany
Clip: 508778_1_1
Year Shot: 1950 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1779
Original Film: HFR-SFL-35-083
Location: Berlin, Germany
Timecode: 01:40:07 - 01:42:25

Master 1779 - Tape 1 LSs construction of scrolling electronic ticker board in West Berlin, Germany. MS public billboard with West German flag: "Anfang Des Demokratischen Sektors Berlin" (Start of the Democratic Sector of Berlin). LS West Berlin Press newspaper-sponsored tickerboard, construction crews standing on skeletal tower. MSs white male electricians working on board. TLS crowd gathered on street, peering upward. LS scrolling news flash on ticker, night: "Helmut General Mac Arthur Hat Heute Die Nordkoreanischen Truppen." Korean War newsflash, MacArthur has crossed the 38th parallel. VO: "-- before the so-called elections in the Soviet sector of Berlin this week, the Western zone unveiled a new weapon in the propaganda war. This electric soundboard, towering high above the center of the city, is easily seen in the East Zone. Sponsored by West Berlin newspapers, the sign will carry uncensored news, something East Berliners haven't seen since the Russian occupation began. Despite Communist threats, people read the bulletins. First item to be flashed through the night: General MacArthur's troops have penetrated into North Korea. This is one ray of light that passes through the Iron Curtain." MSs ballot box on street in West Berlin, police officer crossing frame; MS sign on bulletin board-- "An Alle Wahler im Ostsektor Berlins!"-- white men placing ballots into box. The propaganda war between East Berlin and West Berlin intensifies, and the democratic right of voting is the pawn. TLS Deutsche Post newspaper delivery truck coming to stop at curb. MSs white men in matching dark blue uniforms unloading mail bags from truck, delivering and emptying contents of sacks in office; MS stack of bundled ballots. MSs white woman opening ballots with letter opener; CU letter. TLS West Berliners opening mail in large room. MSs East Berliners walking past camera, entering polling place, casting ballots; MS four white male press photographers taking pictures, flashbulbs snapping. VO: "Another step to counter the rigged election in Soviet Berlin: these ballot boxes set up in the Western sectors give East Berliners a chance to show their real feelings, since in their own elections they can only pass on a single slate of Communist candidates, and to vote against them might be dangerous. The ballots are brought to West Berlin's city hall. They are in the form of expired ration cards, making sure that no one votes twice. Over half the population of East Berlin took this opportunity to register their voice against Communism. In the Soviet Zone election, where the choice was between casting the ballot in public or secret with suspicion at least falling on anyone voting in secret, officials reported that the Communist Party received 95 percent report. Secret Police were stationed at every polling station. This letter from the Soviet Zone says the Communists are a plague fiercely hated by the people. Western estimates indicate that this attitude is shared by 9 out of every 10 East Germans. Films of the Communist elections were not permitted. Here are unusual pictures of voting in a typical Iron Curtain country. A yes and a No ballot are given to each voter. One must be dropped in the box, the other discarded..."