Betting on the Horses, Suffolk Downs

Betting on the Horses, Suffolk Downs
Clip: 507448_1_1
Year Shot: 1935 (Estimated Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1861
Original Film: HFR-SFL-35-264
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Timecode: 01:30:04 - 01:31:14

CU racing form being held in hand of white man, pencil being used to circle Shem (#9). LSs crowd gathering at Suffolk Downs racetrack in Boston, Massachusetts, horses coming out of paddock. TLS jockeys walking horses past camera on track. High angle LS crowds gathering in spectator stands. MS white men standing in line to place bets at betting windows; many men wear straw boater hats. MS African-American man wearing light-colored suit, white fedora hat, rounded glasses while consulting racing form or betting sheet, crowd of equally well-dressed young white people standing around him as though reviewing his choice. MSs well-dressed (most seem wealthy, well-off, well-to-do) white men & women reviewing racing forms. Sideview MS white male journalists, sports reporters working, typing, viewing track through binoculars from pressbox (press box). Rear view MS white man wearing dark-colored suit, straw boater hat, watching racing horses with his hands on his knees. MS Shem the race horse, #9. High angle LS/TLSs crowd gathering in stands. Rear view TLS white men in suits watching horse race from platform. Rear view MS hunched old white man in silhouette watching passing race horses from doorway. MS race horse, hand of white male trainer patting neck.