JFK Half-Dollar Coins at Fed Reserve of San Francisco

JFK Half-Dollar Coins at Fed Reserve of San Francisco
Clip: 500866_1_1
Year Shot: 1960 (Estimated Year)
Audio: No
Video: Color
Tape Master: 1497
Original Film: HFR-DFS-16-034
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Timecode: 02:16:33 - 02:20:35

Master 1497 - Tape 2 MS young white man with shirt sleeves rolled up standing at coin machine at Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, pushing coins down short chute at the end of which is a money sack. MS money bags filled with coins stacked on cart. MS money bags on cart being pulled away. MSs federal reserve bank employees working in storage vault, ceiling high shelving units loaded with money bags. Money, money, money! MS old white male security guard standing mindful watch behind thick metal bars. Establishing shots of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. MCU labeled Fed Reserve Bank of SF money sack on pile, tilt up as employee wheels loaded cart into processing room. MS bank employee placing sack on metal stand; CUs sack being opened, JFK half-dollar coins being poured out, fanned on table. Money, money, money!!! Panning h/a CU pile of half-dollar coins. Nice MS/CUs squeaky-clean white male bank employee sifting coins into sorting machine; CUs coins in machine. MSs black & white male employees working in money vault, using forklift to raise palette onto shelves. More CUs coins in sifting machine, coins being fanned out onto table & down chute; great ECU JFK half-dollar coins being pushed across screen.