Baseball in the Park

Baseball in the Park
Clip: 500254_1_1
Year Shot: 1950 (Estimated Year)
Audio: No
Video: Color
Tape Master: 1490
Original Film: HFR-SFL-35-062
Location: California, United States
Timecode: 02:10:28 - 02:10:45

Master 1490 - Tape 2 Nice over the shoulder MS several pre-teen or teenage white girls playing a strange version of baseball in open field at camping ground: a pitcher tosses a volleyball at a batter who's choking the holy heck out of a battered wooden baseball bat; slugger connects, runs to first base while the pitcher & two teammates & a cute cocker spaniel chase after the ball; a runner wearing an Edgejumbe varsity jacket passes home plate & picks up bat. Note that most of the girls wear long skirts. Recreation, fun, sports, amusement. Great TLS Dad (wearing driving cap & khakis) tossing baseball underhand to pre-teen white boy wearing red cap, white t-shirt, blue jeans; batter connects for single, perhaps double after third baseman buddy bobbles ball.