Water/Dams (Can 1 of 2)

Water/Dams (Can 1 of 2)
Clip: 490061_1_1
Year Shot:
Audio: No
Video: Color
Tape Master:
Original Film: CS-35-122
Timecode: -

All shots are color negative unless otherwise noted 122-1 Churning water, whirlpool (color neg. and pos) 122-2 MLS right side angle dam in operation 122-3 LS thru trees - dams in operation 122-4 MS left side angle dam in operation 122-5 DS/LS dam in operation (mountainous hilly background) 122-6 CU insert angle water pouring down 122-7 MS/DS water pouring from dam in operation 122-8 Water Gushing into gutter or river (b/w neg.) 122-9 DS to road and houses half under water (b/w neg.) 122-10 refinery tanks and phone poles half under water (b/w neg.) 122-11 LS refinery half under water (b/w neg.) 122-12 Freight train in train yard half under water (b/w neg.)