Jailbird Caper

Jailbird Caper
Clip: 489817_1_1
Year Shot:
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 0
Original Film: HSC 226
Location: Jail
Timecode: -

Excerpted from a low budget feature, the title of which is unknown but surely not the one listed. Essentially about a Russian convict in an American jail trying to make an escape so he can straighten out his wayward son. MSs of Balan (the, uh, hero) and his cell mate talking. Eventually they fight over minced words, which brings on the guards and a firehose. The jailbirds cool off, get sent to solitary. Good shots fo Balan being let out of solitary confinement, and back to his cell. MSs of Balan in the warden's office, being told to do his time "like a man". High angle tight LS of 2 boys playing "rough" with a dog (mostly sound effects). LSs of prisoners shoveling a large pile of coal.