Civil Rights Demonstration

Civil Rights Demonstration
Clip: 446956_1_1
Year Shot: 1965 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1117
Original Film: COOPER 12
Location: Ft. Worth,Texas
Timecode: 01:41:12 - 01:45:14

Civil rights demonstrators in Texas protest the death of Reverend James Reeb, a white clergyman from Boston who was killed by white thugs in Selma, Alabama. TLS group comprised mostly of African-American men marching down street, the head men carrying American flags, other carrying signs saying "Freedom Now" & "America-- Half Slave, Half Free" & "Shame on Alabama" & "UAW Mourns for Rev. Reeb." TLS group of mostly Caucasian onlookers on street corner. MSs legs & feet of marchers-- slacks, patent leather shoes, predominantly, though women also march. (SOUND) Great TLS marchers with signs-- "Shame on Alabama", "Freedom Now", "Stop Police Brutality"-- audio of civil rights marchers singing "Freedom." Cuts away to cameraman (probably Roy Cooper) running down street to film police officers shoving off white male counter-protestors carrying offensive hate signs: "The Stench Shall Overcome", "Africa 8,765 miles", "In a Time of Crisis, Silence is Not Golden, It's Yellow"; one of the racists is in blackface. MS civil rights marchers, young black man w/sign reading "B-Day in Alabama-- Brutality Blood Billy Clubs Broken Bones"; other signs say "You Must Be Free", "Freedom Now", "No Vote, No Freedom", "Blood, George Wallace, Blood" & "Shame on Alabama." Quick TLS white counter-protestors with signs under marquee of shoe store, reporters chasing them away with bevy of questions; CU paper plate with Nazi swastika on it; CU man holding a printed piece of paper: "Boat Ticket To Africa." H/a LS protestors congregated in park; MS African-American & Caucasian protestors singing, one man holding a NAACP banner; MS 3 signs held high: "I Have A Dream! Make This A Reality & Vote!"; MS demonstrators singing, listening, applauding. Sideview CU unidentified black man speaking to protestors about voter registration & the right to vote, American flag flying beside him; MS clergyman speaking, saying they will take every legal action to secure constitutional rights of all citizens. TLSs crowd gathered at steps of building, listening to speakers. MS another African-American minister speaking, memorializing Rev. Reeb; note the Fallout Shelter sign on pillar, screen right.