Gerald Ford Speech

Gerald Ford Speech
Clip: 444722_1_1
Year Shot: 1976 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: Color
Tape Master: 1089
Original Film: COOPER REEL U.3
Location: Texas, Dallas
Timecode: 01:17:33 - 01:20:16

National Federation of Republican Women hosts campaign event with Gerald Ford, during 1976 presidential campaign. nat. sound. Various people speak at podium before Ford appears - quick shots of them. Shots of men and women seated on stage. Ford enters amidst applause and shakes hands on his way to the podium. Quick cutaway to people in crowd waving signs. Cuts to his speech which is traditional Republican rhetoric: MS Ford speaking "...We can increase pupil teacher ratios. We can improve facilities ... (in-camera edit)...have purpose but do you want your president to accept, without a fight, budget busting appropriations bills! (He slams his fist down near the microphone!)" Crowd yells NO! "Let's put it another way. Do you want to be deep in the heart of Texas or deep in the heart of taxes." (mild laughter). Another question. Do you want your president to open the US treasury to every city that hasn't or won't responsibly manage its fiscal affairs? NO! Do you want your president to roll over and play dead while congress passes more and more legislation to strangle free enterprise? NO!" Audio out. VS people clapping, Ford stepping offo the podium. CU on him as he moves through crowd - dark. Press photographers around him.